Product Designer in

Portland, Oregon


specialized in the design of data-heavy enterprise tools and consumer applications.


Modern Consumer Insurance


Had the opportunity to design consumer insurance with automated brokers, a bot adjuster, and world leading computer vision technology.


Personal Insurance Concierge


ALTO, an artificial intelligence bot can design the perfect insurance coverage for you and get you paid instantly when something bad happens.


2017 Formula 1 Innovation Challenge 01


PETRA, an ecosystem of interfaces and sensors, is designed to automate logistical documentation, improve health while traveling, and create a shared consciousness using voice interfaces.


Formula 1 Freight Logistics


PETRA monitors the treatment of Formula 1 parts during transportation phases then manages the tasks of F1 ground crews accordingly.  


Suggestive Underwriter Task Prioritization


SubPro merges business logic, task difficulty, and team availability to prioritize policies for underwriters. 


Task Prioritization For Claims Managers


Natural language processing prepopulates forms and assigns tasks based on experience of employee and difficulty of task.


Open Your Library to the World


Read the books that crafted your idols.



Kyle is a hong kong born, DUAL CITIZEN, living in PORTLAND, OREGON.


He builds and designs products at scale with companies looking to leverage automation.


with experience as a founder and ios developer, he balances business needs and engineering constraints, while advocating for the user.